The ultimate bridal glow guide

Here’s a little skincare plan laid down for you from skincare products to the most popular bridal aesthetic treatments.

One of the biggest concerns of a bride is being unable to see that “bridal glow” everyone keeps talking about. Pops a question in mind “What is their secret?” cause being happy can’t only be the reason for that glowing skin, right? Let’s talk more about how we can maximize your complexion & radiance.

The way to truly glow is by taking up the holistic route. The holistic approach is about treating external skin with nutrients and healthy natural ingredients that nourish and heal. But it’s also about the other factors that affect your skin, like eating well, exercising, removing stressful routines from your life that are harmful to you and your mind.

Why is this important? Our skin is easily affected by climate, hormones, diet, and immobility. Following your skincare can only work half way up your goal so it’s important we give these factors adequate attention to achieve the rest of your skin goal. Firstly, Eating nourishing food – with nutrients & fibre plays a huge part in your appearance. Second, Drink loads of water- aim to drink two liters a day to provide moisture to your skin from within. Third, Exercising at least 2-3 times a week – add in walking, running or any form of exercise into your routine to improve the oxygen & blood circulation flow in the skin. Fourth, Sleep – beauty sleep is no joke, an 8 hour sleep restores & renews your skin & body in ways you can not imagine. And lastly, quitting alcohol, smoking because it causes premature wrinkles & mature skin.

Now for the exterior part of your skin journey – your top priority should be having a deep understanding of your skin, for this you’ll have to book a consultation with an esthetician. Lucky for you at Earthy By Ellenza the in-house doctor uses the AI technology to do an in-depth analysis of your skin. How does this help me? The evaluation helps to derive your skin type, condition & underlying concerns. Then along with the doctor’s intel working towards your targets is like a piece of cake.

How does the aesthetic doctor contribute? The doctor will structure a treatment & skin care plan for you based on your interactions with her & the AI outcome. First & foremost you can schedule yourself for an Advanced LED treatment that will physically exterminate any comedones & use light therapy to kill bacteria on the skin, leaving your skin dirt-free & fresh-looking so you can start working on your skin with a clean surface. Next thing is understanding & deciding your skin needs.

The skins needs are generally categorized into 3,

  1. Brightening ,
  2. Acne Clearing and,
  3. Dismissing Pigmentation .

These Target based concerns need to be worked on at least 2 months before your wedding with sessions subjective to your skin condition.

If brightening is what your skin requires, the experts at Earthy By Ellenza suggest a combination of Mango Enzyme treatment & Advanced Lux Glow. Both of the treatments have gained popularity over the years to smoothen & reflect brightening complexion on the skin.

If your goal is clearing your acne, Pumpkin Enzyme/ Lux Glow with Preppy Papaya is recommended, these treatments incorporate mild peels & latest technologies to effectively & drastically reduce acne, lighten acne marks & avoid future breakouts all while giving your skin the glow it requires.

If your aim is to dismiss pigmentation, Hollywood Treatment is the most effective & crowd fav at Earthy By Ellenza. It immensely diminishes hyperpigmentation, dullness, acne marks, dark spots & brightens the skin leaving your skin with a healthy-looking complexion. Watch the transformations of a few of our clients @earthybyellenza.mlr (instagram).

Lastly if your skin only needs a boost of brightness right before the wedding – 2 session of Advance GG glow is ideal. You’ll achieve a no-makeup, makeup look & korean glass skin with the right amount of glow personalized for your skin type & tone. This is a non-invasive procedure & the results will last up to a month with post-skincare.

If your skin is absolutely great and you only need guidance with homecare,  The non-negotiable is to incorporate Glow Up – a vitamin C serum & SPF Sunburst with SPF 50 broad spectrum EVERY DAY. And for the evening – a brightness boosting serum with Niacinamide or Licorice extract such as Diamond Glow Booster serum or 24K gold serum & a heavy duty night cream with moisture retention & restorative properties or a sleeping mask such as the popular Crtl + Alt + Delete night cream or Berry Cocktail sleeping mask is ideal. If you’re confused, schedule an appointment with Earthy By Ellenza’s experts and curate a skincare plan with fruit-based & science backed products.

In conclusion the bridal glow is achieved with a lot of secret effort that simply looks effortless when the treatment & skincare plan was followed the right way along with the other factors in check. While this might be a huge task for you brides, it’s the most effective and healthy way to achieve it. Don’t delay, start today!

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