One Sitting Treatments

Skin treatments for glowing skin: prep, maintain, exfoliate, extract, customize peels.

LED Treatment

A quick, relaxing, invigorating and thoroughly exfoliating treatment that leaves your skin clean, tan-free & hydrated. Incorporating a wash-scrub-extract-clear method with Lux D’tan application, a hydra facial machine, and ultrasonic to give you squeaky-clean skin.

30 minutes

No Downtime

Customized LED Treatment

An advanced version of the LED treatment that targets specific skin concerns with personalized ingredients infused accordingly in the multi-step procedure to achieve your skincare goals.

With regular sessions, appropriate after-care and a good skin care plan, this treatment effectively improves the skin noticeably.

45 minutes

No Downtime

Party Glow Treatment

An instant glow-boosting treatment with Vitamin C and its skin-enhancing benefits. The procedure includes Moroccan massage therapy with our exceptional massage therapist, releasing all the stress knots off along with facial rejuvenation.

75 minutes

No Downtime

Diamond Silk Booster Treatment

A sensorial, relaxing and radiance-boosting treatment enriched with real diamond bhasma with rejuvenating steps, including therapeutic massage that promotes skin clarity and luminosity.

90 minutes

No Downtime

Bombshell Treatment

An instantly brightening treatment incorporating electroporation mesotherapy to deliver ingredients deep into the skin. Once the skin is primed, we introduce vitamin C, Lactic Acid and Argee Peel that promotes smoother, radiant, even and glowing skin.

60 Minutes

Papaya Glow Treatment

An instant, glow boosting treatment that uses papain, an enzyme derived from the green papaya fruit. It naturally dissolves surface protein to enhance tone & texture of the skin revealing brighter and younger looking skin.

90 minutes

Luxe Glow Treatment

A thorough de-tanning treatment that is customized according to skin type and concerns. The skin is analyzed to customize and combine enzymes, peels and face packs to achieve the best results possible. This treatment deeply rejuvenates the skin, has zero down time and leaves your skin thoroughly cleansed, soft, smooth and luminous.

90 minutes

Advanced Luxe Glow Treatment

A luxurious and thoroughly pampering treatment overseen exclusively by our skin expert to give instant and optimum results. This treatment is customized to address skin concerns effectively with peels, vitamin infusions and enzymes to achieve instant glowing, rejuvenated, flawless and luminous skin perfect for parties and other occasions.

90 minutes

Flash Glow Treatment

This treatment deeply rejuvenates the skin, has zero down time and leaves your skin thoroughly cleansed, soft, smooth and luminous.


90 minutes

Crystal Silk Treatment

A customized skin brightening & rejuvenating treatment that includes crystal microdermabrasion and lymphatic drainage massage for fresher, even-toned, firm & radiant skin.

60 minutes