Nature's Touch

Earthy By Ellenza honors generations of DIY remedies, sparked by Nafisa Afnan's ingenuity as a young law student. Our skincare stems from her nature-inspired formulations, a testament to her passion for wellness.

Transforming skincare standards with nature's essence.

Nafisa's Mission

Nafisa Afnan, Founder of Earthy By Ellenza, empowers women to embark on skincare journeys at any age. Her saffron gel and herbal hair oil garnered praise from friends, inspiring her determined path. With unwavering parental support, Nafisa's passion led to the creation of Earthy By Ellenza.

Transforming skincare standards with nature's essence.

Fruitful Beauty

We, a woman-led brand, transform skincare using nature's power. Through plant-based and fruit-forward ingredients, we embrace skin's journey, fostering love across ages. Our holistic approach empowers women, unveiling skin's true vitality.

Transforming skincare standards with nature's essence.

Realistic Radiance

Earthy By Ellenza offers science-backed, achievable skincare, fostering confidence. We understand your unique skin needs, empowering a community to embrace natural beauty. Our mission redefines the industry with exceptional, results-driven products.

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